Nueces Aid Eligibility
Apply for Nueces Aid Healthcare Access

Nueces Aid Eligibility

The Nueces County Indigent Program provides health care assistance for Nueces County residents who do not qualify for any other state or federal medical assistance programs. Applicants must meet residency, income and resource eligibility criteria as follows:

Proof of ResidencyApplicant must be a resident of Nueces County.
One of the following is needed as proof:
    1. Current house payment receipts,
    2. Current rent receipt and copy of lease agreement, or
    3. Statement of Residency form will be required if no other proof is available with current utility bill, CPL or telephone bill with address.
Proof of Resources

Applicant's countable household resources cannot exceed $5,257.12. The household`s personal property and homestead are exempt from the $5, 257.12 limit. One personal automobile per household is exempt from the $5,257.12.
You need any of the following that may apply to you:

    • bank checking and savings account statements,
    • credit union checking and savings account statements,
    • bank statements for proof of certificates of deposit, IRA's, direct deposit from retirement benefits, stocks, military, allotments, etc.
    • list and description (value) of all vehicles in household, and/or
    • current property tax statement.
    • Proof of Income:
      • Applicant's household income (adjusted for household size) cannot exceed 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines as published in the Federal Register. See Eligibility Income Guidelines Grid
      • You need any of the following that may apply to you:
        • payroll check stubs for the past three (3) months,
        • self-employed Income Tax Return with profit and loss statement or current year-to-date income statements,
        • verification of income to include all family members employed in the household,
        • unemployment benefits award letter
        • copy of check or award letter of the following: social security and SSI, workers compensation, child support, Department of Human Services (AFDC) and/or, food stamp grant letter
  • Social Security card
  • Picture identification such as driver's license, Texas I.D., school I.D., etc.

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